When were centrioles first discovered? By whom?
The centriole was first discovered by Edouard Van Beneden in 1883, and was described and named by Theodor Boveri in 1888.
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What type of microscope was used?
A light microscope was the microscope that was used to discover the first centriole.
What do the parts of its name mean?
The word centriole comes from the Latin word centrum which means center.
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What is the function of a centriole?
The main function of the centriole is to help with cell division in animal cells. The centrioles help in the formation of the spindle fibers that separate the chromosomes during cell division.

What is the general structure of centrioles?
The general structure of a centriole is a set of microtubules, which are long hollow cylinders.

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Is there anything special about the molecular make-up of a centriole?
Centrioles are made up of microtubules, the microtubules are made up of protein strands called tubulin.

How is the centriole's function related to its structure?
The function of a centriole is to help with cell division by using spindle fibers to pull the chromosomes apart. They are made up of hollow microtubules which then unwind to make the spindles. The structure (microtubules) of the centriole help with the function (cell division).
What type(s) of cells contain centrioles? Why?
Centrioles aren’t essential for a cell to divide and are only found in animal cells and lower plant cells. The centrioles have microtubules that pull away chromatin during cell division and help the cell divide.
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What type(s) of cells do not contain centrioles? Why?
Plant cells don’t contain centrioles because the Golgi bodies can make microtubules so the cell can go through cell division.
Which type(s) of cells require large numbers of centrioles? Why?
All animal cells contain two centrioles to help with cell division, any cell in the human body uses centrioles, whether it is a red blood cell, white blood cell, or a cell from an organ.
Do centrioles work in conjunction with any other organelles? If so which ones and how do they interact?
Centrioles are involved in cell division and organization, so they have to work with all organelles in the cell to make sure all are separated correctly and organized.

Cell Analogy:
Centriole: Cell
In a cell, the centriole helps it divide into two separate cells, successfully making the cell smaller.

Division sign: Math
In math, the division sign helps with making a number smaller.

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