The compound microscope was created first by Zacharias Janssen in the 1590s. However, some think the work should be credited to his father Hans Janssen because the two worked together on this invention in their lab in the Netherlands. Though Janssen was credited with the original construction of the compound microscope, Anton Van Leeuvenhoek further developed the microscope, and with his developed version, he studied and discovered blood cells.
The original compound microscope was given the nickname “Flea Glasses” because it was originally used for studying small insects.
Glasses: People, Coarse Adjustments: Microscopes
Glasses help people see clearly and coarse adjustments make the slides clearer
external image r3yM3wU2rvsAshKi8D60NW998LUKQpmbM92Z3gbuCrp74I_M5NtoQfvWCg3GSzvchNcF1PXJhqDyYlTjzKMM0qDUjD8cNhbDmknUznC3nBuzZYKYOoFj-fBRNrgSZWMkt49XOPI .This picture shows Zacharias Janssen, the inventor of the compound microscope

The first model of the compound microscope looked like this:

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This is the modern compound microscope labeled: (see picture below) You use the microscope by putting a specimen that is small in a slide and putting it on the mechanical stage. You adjust the magnification with the objective lenses and adjustment pieces. The magnification limitations of the current model is 1000x. Using the compound microscope, Robert Hooke discovered the first cells (using tissue from a cork) and also examined many kinds of fossils and organisms. However,he did not find any type of organelles in the cells he discovered so he assumed cells were filled with fluid. Eventually, Hooke was examining a fly’s eye using the microscope, and discovered the animal cell. The kinds of jobs that use microscopes are any kind of scientists, jewelers, science teachers, and biologists. external image pp-yYolWQzIFkcWPIEoo7qpY1b9FlnvYLgUkHbEeJ7nfY-KxGM4F9ngLaK5MillzhuMq5z_z0wKT8PGvxqoYCxZXPHq8CDcXVtnnQ8c98k5okRzzpxVEC0O26gwnZZ36IRmn0l0 Works Cited: