Endocytosis: Type of active transport in which the cell uses energy to move the cell membrane around a particle and pull it into the cell.

The prefix endo in endocytosis means inside or internal and cytosis is a suffix meaning a cells condition. When you put endo-cytosis together it's saying change of the inside of a cell.

The discovery of endocytosis is unknown but we know that it had been discovered before 1883 and a man named Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein were awarded the noble peace prize in 1995 for the discovery of a type of endocytosis.
In animal cells and yeast, endocytosis occurs via clathrin-coated vesicles (CCVs) that act in plasma membrane recovery and in cycling of vesicles in the endomembrane system.
In plant cells, shows how fluorescence internalization thus can be readily visualized with confocal microscopy, giving a direct indication of membrane recycling.
Endocytosis is never dangerous to the cell.
Endocytosis is utilized by the body for gaining nutrients, entry of pathogens, cell migration and adhesion, and signal receptors.

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