What is exocytosis?
Exocytosis is a process by which a cell releases a large number of materials

What does exocytosis mean?
Exo means outer, cyto means cell, and osis means a process. In other words, the process in which a cell moves materials out of the cell.

When was exocytosis discovered and explored?
The concept was figured out in 1963 by Christian de Duve. How it worked was discovered & researched in the 1990s.

How does it affect animal & Plant Cells?
In animal & plant cells, exocytosis is often used to transport proteins out of the cells. It's used as a tool to help cells transport materials throughout the plant or animal.

How is it used in the human body?
In the human body, exocytosis has many functions. When a cell makes a hormone, exocytosis is used to bring the hormone out of the cell. Exocytosis is also used to send messages to nerve cells. Nerve cells produce neurotransmitters, which exit the nerve cell using exocytosis.