Facilitated Diffusion

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Passive transport is the movement/ transport of ions and molecules, where they move along the concentration gradient. The molecules move from high concentration to low concentration using their own molecular energy. This means the cell does not have to use energy while doing this. There are three types of passive transport. These types consist of diffusion, osmosis, and facilitated diffusion. Facilitated diffusion means the diffusion of molecules across a membrane with the assistance of a membrane protein. It is the transport of small particles that must be assisted by plasma proteins.

Meanings of the parts of the term:
Facilitated- To make things easier or less difficult/ to assist the progress of (a person).
Diffusion- Molecules moving from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration without using cellular energy.

What were the ideas for this cell transport concept first explored?
The ideas were first explored in the 1960’s by a number of workers who gave a lot of attention to kinetics and transport. They found that the entry was chiefly by facilitated diffusion.

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Which scientists have been involved in the development of the concept? Arnošt Kotyk and his colleagues. Also Cirillo wrote about it.

Which part of the world?
They discovered information about facilitated diffusion in New York.

How it affects an animal cell:
It lets things travel in and out of the animal cell.

How it affects a plant cell:
It also lets things travel in and out of the plant cell.

Dangerous to a cell:
It can let too many molecules in and make the cell burst. It can also let to many molecules out and make the cell shrink. If this happens in a plant cell, the cell membrane can separate from the cell wall, causing the inner part of the cell to shrink and the outside to stay the same.

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How it utilized in the human body:
If humans drink too much water the cell can burst due to how far it expanded and how much water it has taken in.