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Your genetic make-up, or genotype, plays a major role in determining your physical characteristics, or phenotype. The color of your eyes, your blood type, and whether you have free or attached ear lobes is all determined by the genes you have inherited from your parents. Several medical disorders have been found to have a genetic component due to mutated genes or chromosomal abnormalities.

You will be assigned one of the following genetic disorders to research. Using your findings, you will create a Wikipage similar to the All About Cells assignment.

List of Genetic Disorders

Crohn's disease
Hunter's syndrome
Alexander disease
Cystic fibrosis
Huntington's disease
Polycystic kidney disease
Down Syndrome
Klinefelter's syndrome
Angelman syndrome
Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Marfan's syndrome
Prader-Willi syndrome
Apert syndrome
Edward's syndrome
Mowat-Wilson syndrome
Canavan disease
Familial hypercholesterolemia
Sickle cell anemia
Celiac disease
Fragile X syndrome
Niemann-Pick disease
Williams syndrome
Noonan syndrome
Cleft Lip & Palate
Gaucher disease
Osteogenesis imperfecta
Turner syndrome
Parkinson's disease
Usher syndrome
Patau's syndrome
Wilson disease

What to Research:

  1. Who first discovered this disorder? Where, when and under what circumstances was it discovered?
  2. What are the symptoms/characteristics associated with this disorder? At what age do the symptoms begin? Are the symptoms treatable? If so, how? Is the disorder fatal?
  3. What is the inheritance pattern of the disorder: dominant, recessive, sex-linked, autosomal, other?
  4. Are there any environmental factors that can affect the symptoms (either aggravate or alleviate)?
  5. How common is the disorder? Does it occur more frequently in certain parts of the world or in certain ethnic groups or in one sex?
  6. What tests are done to confirm a diagnosis of this disorder?
  7. Which chromosome(s) is responsible for this disorder? Is it caused by a gene mutation? Which gene is involved? Is it caused by a chromosomal mutation? Which type: nondisjunction, deletion, inversion, etc.?

In addition:

  • Be sure to include appropriate pictures that are respectful of the people who have the disorder you are researching and of your classmates who will be viewing your Wikipage.
  • Include the question number on the Wikipage with your answer.
  • Be creative in your use of color, headings, tables, and picture placements to make your Wikipage organized and eye-appealing. Be careful to not make your page distracting and difficult to follow.
  • You work cited should include good quality sources -- not Wikipedia or Wikipedia-like websites.
  • Write four good quality objective questions (multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blank with a word bank) and e-mail them to Mrs. Epie by the deadline. NO CREDIT will be given for open response questions.
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Grading Rubric

Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Working Towards
Below Expectations


(20 pts)
All of the information has been provided and explained in detail; the wording is unique with no spelling or grammatical errors
All of the information has been provided; the wording is unique with no spelling or grammatical errors
The wording is unique; most of the required information has been provided OR there are spelling and grammatical errors
Much of the required information is missing OR some of the wording is not unique

(4 pts)
More than 3 pictures are included that are relevant to the topic and are of good quality (not blurry and a good size)
Three pictures are included that are relevant to the topic and are of good quality (not blurry and a good size)
Three pictures are included but they either detract from the Wikipage OR are of poor quality
Two of the following occur: less than three pictures, the pictures are not relevant to the topic OR are of poor quality
Wikipage Design

(8 pts)
The Wikipage is eye appealing and well organized (using Headings, Tables, Colors, etc.)
The Wikipage is organized (using Headings and Tables)
The Wikipage is organized but lacks Headings and Tables
The Wikipage is disorganized and difficult to follow
Work Cited

(4 pts)
At least four quality sources are cited
Three good quality sources are cited
Two good quality sources are cited
One good quality source is cited
Scavenger Hunt Questions

(4 pts)
Four good quality objective questions & answers; do not need editing; at least two different types
Four good quality objective questions & answers; do not need editing; all the same type
Either four objective questions & answers are submitted but at least one needs editing OR there are only three objective questions & answers
Either there are less than 3 objective questions, no answers are given, more than one needs editing OR the answers cannot be found on the Wikipage
​Failure to meet any of the announced deadlines will result is a deduction of points.