Henri Dutrochet
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René-Joachim-Henri Dutrochet studied medicine in Paris, receiving his MD in 1806. He lived and studied in France for most of his life. He served time as a medic in the military for only a few years in Spain, before dropping his profession in medicine and dedicating his life to scientific research.
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His major accomplishment in regards to our understanding of cells was his research on osmosis. The conditions of Dutrochet’s experiments were rather simple and were not very accurate, but he made the first steps toward the study of osmosis and diffusion. His experiments were developed by many of his younger colleagues, and his ideas played an important role in our current updated understanding of the form of transport.
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He used a compound light microscope, because the electron microscope hadn’t been invented yet.
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Some of his other accomplishments included being the first to recognize the importance of the green pigment of plant cells. He also was one of the first to put emphasis on the similarity of basic processes (like respiration) in all living organisms. In 1819 he was elected a corresponding member of the Académie des Sciences, and in 1831 he was elected to full membership.
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Osmosis: a cell
Water: a waterfall

Water moves down a waterfall from a high place to a low place, just as water moves through a cell from high to low concentration during osmosis.
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